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We are the UK's leading security bollard company based in the North of England, delivering and installing nationwide in just 4 days, working 7 days a week.

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''Why Get A Bollard?''

Maybe there has been a recent increase of thefts in your area or just want your vehicle to be safe.

Strong and simple, our Telescopic Bollards provide a balance between security and accessibility that more and more people want. 

The Perfect Bollard For You!

From telescopic bollards, parking posts to barriers there's a bollard that’s perfectly suited to your individual needs. Available in various styles and colours, any location can be transformed with bollards whilst maintaining safety and security.

Recent Work

Here we have the black R8 Ram-proof bollard we recently supplied and fitted for the legend Mk at Mk Performance in Essex.

Thnak You again MK

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''How Can I Prevent A Ram-Raid Attack?''

Over the last few years, there has been an disturbing increase in the number of ram-raid attacks in the UK, with weekly reports of shops and cash machines being targeted by criminals. But rest ashore we have you covered with our anti ram bollards.

View our bollards today and prevent further Ram Raids!

Ram Raid Bollards

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